The Workshop was held online, on July 7th, 2020, from 2:00 pm (CET) to 6:30 pm (CET). The speakers’ position statements and slides are available on the Program page.

You can still contribute with information on academic courses focusing on HCI for AI, by filling out the form available at this link.

The workshop aims to bootstrap a working group to prepare a syllabus for a course for teaching HCI skills to designers of AI interactive systems. Target participants are both AI researchers with an interest in interaction aspects and HCI researchers with interests in aspects related to interaction with AI systems.

Participants are solicited to submit a visionary statement (two pages of max 1000 words, references included) on the aspects that are deemed important for the syllabus the Workshop focuses on. The accepted statements will be published online on this Web site and will stimulate the discussion during the workshop. With the goal of proposing proper items for the syllabus, the submitted statements should provide answer the following questions:

  • What are examples of AI systems that pose problems to the users, such as ambiguities that confuse users, lack of control, lack of trust, …
  • What are examples of failures of AI systems due to poor knowledge of HCI theories, principles and methodologies?
  • What are the interaction paradigms /modalities/metaphors for AI systems that best support the interaction with users?
  • What are design, development and user testing methods and practices currently adopted in AI?
  • What are design, development and user testing methods and practices available in HCI that could be adopted in AI?
  • What theories and design methodologies should be used for creating AI systems that best empower people?


Contributions should be submitted through Easychair.

Deadline for submitting the vision statement: June 15th, 2020

Notification to authors: June 22nd, 2020