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🇮🇹 The Italian ACM SIGCHI Chapter

The Italian ACM SIGCHI Chapter, called SIGCHI Italy, has been officially chartered on April 24, 1996. Its aim is to promote an increased knowledge and greater interest in the science, technology, design, development, and application of methods/tools/techniques for HCI. SIGCHI Italy has scientific and educational goals, and aims to provide a mean of communication between persons having interest in HCI. It also organizes meetings, conferences, discussion groups and workshops.

SIGCHI, ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction, brings together people working on the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use, and the study of major phenomena surrounding such systems. It embraces work on the hardware and software engineering of interactive systems, the structure of communications between human and machine, characterization of the use and context of use for interactive systems, methodology of design, and new designs themselves. It helps to organize and coordinate information through on line information, traditional publications, conferences, workshops, and symposia relating to human-computer interaction. SIGCHI members are interested in keeping up with changes in this rapidly evolving field – in research and development, or the design and evaluation of new user interfaces – making computers easier to use and extending technology into new domains for new users.


More specifically, SIGCHI Italy has been created for the following purposes:

To create a new attitude in both academia and industry that recognizes the importance of HCI
To get more people involved in HCI
To serve as a point of contact among people interested in HCI
To promote more cooperation between academia and industry
To provide specific services to its members (list of conferences, list of job, …)
To organize meetings, conferences, discussion groups and workshops

For more information on SIGCHI Italy, please read the chapter rules.

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